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Sanur beach by @suzieweiss
Sanur beach by @suzieweiss

Do you know? Many things to do in Sanur Bali, including relaxing in the first famous resort area in Bali. Sanur is a tourist attraction that is the main tourist attraction with natural and cultural riches. Compared to Legian and Kuta, Sanur Beach has a more vibrant view. Sanur also has several small beaches with calm waves. Around the beach is a great place to do morning jogging accompanied by sunrise. Want to vacation in Sanur? The following is a compilation of 5 best things to do in Sanur Bali that you can enjoy.

Sunbathing on Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is a tourist attraction that you must visit while on vacation in Bali. There are many beautiful beaches in this area, starting from the north is the Coastal Coast and the Padanggalak black sand beach. Head south you can find popular beaches like there is Mertasari Beach and Semawang Beach in Blanjong hamlet. The best time to visit Sanur Beach is in the morning or evening, where you can do light exercises such as jogging or cycling.

Bali Seawalker Invites You to Take a Relaxing Walk in the Water

Who does not want to enjoy the clear water filled with tropical sea life? Bali Seawalker provides fun and safe entertainment opportunities for all tourists. A sea trip that will take you to go under the waves with a specially designed helmet. Then start freely walking on the white sand to see a variety of beautiful fish and coral reefs. For 30 minutes get extraordinary experience.

Discover Hidden Treasures at the Le Mayeur Museum

Le Mayeur is a museum that holds artwork and personal history from the painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres. He is a famous painter born in Brussels. Le Mayeur de Merpres has a tremendous interest in Balinese culture and the beauty of Sanur Beach. In fact, he also fell in love with Ni Pollok, a female Legong dancer who inspired his oil painting. This museum is a house consisting of five rooms. The building is thick with classic Balinese elements, red terrazzo floor tiles, and carved stone walls.

Greet the Sea Predators at Bali Sharks

“Shark Island Project Attack” or what is known as Bali sharks is the conservation of private nature. Bali Sharks was born with the aim of saving black tip and white tip reef sharks. This tour is suitable for all ages which want to swim or snorkel, you can also invite couples or children. Bali Sharks proves to the public that the negative image of sharks in Hollywood films is wrong.

Study History at Pura Blanjong Temple

Pura Blanjong Temple is a tourist attraction that is suitable for those of you who want to learn about Balinese history. This temple is a national cultural heritage site that stores the oldest artifacts in the form of pillars. Many people believe that the pillar is a victory monument during the reign of King Sri Kesari Warmadewa. Moreover, there are also pillars inscribed, including sandstone statues, such as animal and god figures. If you are interested in visiting other popular places in Bali, you can book holiday tickets in Wandernesia. Get holiday conveniences at affordable prices.